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Former Prosecutor, Police Legal Advisor

NRA Certified Firearms Instructor

NRA Certified Refuse to be a Victim Instructor


Contacting Jon Gutmacher, Esq.

Contacting Mr. Gutmacher

Initial contact with Mr. Gutmacher MUST be by email using the form below, or using his direct email: He will not answer any legal questions over the telephone, whatsoever. If you phone him – you will be directed to email him unless you are inquiring about bulk book purchases as a dealer or instructor. All questions are subject to the "Waiver of Liability" found on the “Consulting Services” page. If you do not agree to be bound by that page, please do not contact him.

All questions are subject to the "Waiver of Liability".


If you have a legal question, we assume that you have read the book, as most questions are already answered there. If it is obvious from your question that you have not, your question will likely be declined, or you will be referred to the page of the book where it is answered. All answers provided are the opinions of the author only, are specifically subject to the Waiver of Liability, and are not rendered as legal advise.


In asking any question or seeking any service, advice, or consultation, you agree to the Waiver set forth on the “Consulting Services” page, to wit: that you waive any actual or possible liability against Mr. Gutmacher, or Jon H. Gutmacher, P.A., on behalf of yourself heirs, successors, assigns, dependents, administrators, executors, and all other persons, corporations, or entities, any claims or causes of action for damages or any other kind of liability whatsoever, including gross as well as simple negligence, and in so doing agree to indemnify both Jon H. Gutmacher and Jon H. Gutmacher, P.A., for any damages, court costs, expenses, attorney fees, or incidental expenses, in any law suit, mediation, arbitration, cause of action in equity, or other action where Jon H. Gutmacher, or Jon H. Gutmacher, P.A. is named as a party, as a direct or indirect result of his answer to your inquiry, or for any other service furnished to you or on your behalf. Venue for any action whatsoever shall be in the county of residence of Mr. Gutmacher, currently Brevard County, Florida. If any part of this waiver is deemed unlawful or unenforceable, the remaining portions shall remain in full force and effect.


Mr. Gutmacher will frequently be retained to do a confidential consultation regarding your case or situation. In these instances, his written report may be of great assistance to your attorney, or to yourself in evaluating your situation, or using the report for other purposes such as assisting in a plea bargain. In these situations, Mr. Gutmacher functions only as a consultant, and not as an attorney. Unless retained thru your existing attorney, attorney client privilege does not exist. Since his retirement from the practice of law, he no longer represents individuals in court, although he does accept administrative matters dealing with BATFE. Any such consultation includes the Waiver of Liability previously mentioned.


Please contact Mr. Gutmacher by email regarding your proposal, and see the separate page on this website regarding such.


You may retain Mr. Gutmacher, and pay for his services through Paypal, or using your credit card through the Paypal Payment Gateway, only where Mr. Gutmacher has pre-agreed to this form of payment. The "Waiver of Liability" on this page is part of any such agreement.

To do so, you must first contact Mr. Gutmacher by email, obtain a quote, and he has the absolute right to accept or refuse to be retained in any matter.


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CONTACT BY MAIL: We do not respond to direct mail  -- only email, and phone from vendors and current clients.

Jon GutmacherJon H. Gutmacher, Esq.
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