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Airport Arrests

Every year a number of people are arrested because they forget they have weapons or ammunition in their baggage. If you have a valid CWP, there is a fair possibility the State may not file charges, or (with an attorney) will allow you to enter a diversion program. Without the CWP, the charge is usually considered more serious. However, an attorney can help in all these situations. The procedure each State Attorney follows varies throughout the State.

In all these situations you will normally be arrested, and have a low bond. Most law enforcement officers treat you with dignity, although you will likely be handcuffed until you reach a holding cell. You will also receive a large administrative fine from the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) a few weeks after the arrest. Federal prosecution is rare as long as you are polite, and it appears to be a pure mistake.

Mr. Gutmacher will accept these matters only if charges have actually been filed, and your situation is such that you must take the risk of a trial. Otherwise, we strongly advise contacting other counsel.

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