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photo of Mr. Gutmacher
Photo of Mr. Gutmacher

Jon H. Gutmacher is considered the leading authority in Florida on legal issues dealing with firearms, weapons, and self defense. He recently retired from courtroom practice after forty years as a trial lawyer, and approximately two hundred jury trials of experience, both as a prosecutor, civil trial lawyer, and criminal defense attorney. While his practice was devoted primarily to firearm, weapon, and self defense related cases, he also handled a number of police liability cases as a plaintiff’s attorney. His book, “Florida Firearms – Law, Use & Ownership” has been the primary resource on Florida gun laws and self defense laws for twenty five consecutive years, is used throughout Florida in firearm and concealed weapon courses, has sold over 230,000 copies, and is often called “the bible” on Florida firearm and self defense laws. It also was the first book of its kind to combine state and federal laws into one volume, and remains the only book of its kind that offers free updating. Mr. Gutmacher is a former prosecutor, federal firearms licensee, and police legal advisor who also participated in narcotic field operations. He is an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, and NRA Certified Refuse to be a Victim Instructor, and while practicing was a referral attorney for the NRA, Gun Owners of America, USCCA, the American Firearms Industry, and several other pro-Second Amendment organizations. He was one of the four primary organizers of the 1994 Tallahassee Freedom Rally that helped stop an assault weapons ban in Florida. He has been featured numerous times on national and local television and radio programs, including “Nightline” and continues to appear for media on firearm and weapon related matters. He has a popular pro-gun blog on the internet, and currently writes a monthly legal column for the Florida Association of State Troopers. He has personally tried numerous homicide and self defense cases, civil police liability cases, handled administrative and judicial expunctions, has represented FFL’s before BATFE, defended law enforcement officers in disciplinary proceedings, handled NICS and FDLE database corrections, handled CWL and security guard license revocations, knife cases, antique firearm cases, numerous types of self defense cases, has written and presented for various CLE courses, was a Committee Chairman for The Florida Bar for two terms, has argued cases before the Florida Supreme Court and federal appellate courts, and handled several cases in the United States Supreme Court.

Mr. Gutmacher often appears on television and cable stations on stories pertinent to his expertise, as well as providing answers to legal and other questions emailed to him, without any charge, subject to our “Waiver of Liability” located on his Contact page. His blog also offers updates to important legal questions dealing with firearms, weapons, and self defense issues. He no longer practices law, and asks that any legal questions only be initiated by email thru our Contact Form, and not telephone.