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Florida Firearms gun law book, 9th edition

Florida Firearms — Law, Use & Ownership ™ is now in its 9th edition, and 25th year of publication with over 230,000 copies sold. The newer June 2017 printing incorporates the 2017 legislative and administrative changes in the law both Florida & Federal. The December 2016 printing of the 9th edition is still totally current with the December 2017 free update. Florida Firearms ™ is the premier book of its kind in the nation, and covers and explains all Florida & Federal gun laws, weapon laws, and self defense laws (except hunting). There are also short sections on Georgia gun laws, and Alabama gun laws, written by two of the top gun lawyers in those states.


The current edition of the book (6/2017) is updated free on our website at least twice yearly with any important changes in the law, usually at the end of January and August, although additional interim updates will issue when Mr. Gutmacher feels they are important. Important changes will also be covered in more depth on Mr. Gutmacher’s blog. When a new edition comes out updating of the past edition normally continues for a period of sixteen months.


If you are interested in seeing the subjects that are covered in the book, please click the link here to see the Table of Contents.

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