Florida gun law questions — Do you know the answer?


OK , wise guy.  Let’s see how smart you really are.   This page will be devoted to questions related to Florida gun laws, Florida self defense laws, Federal gun laws, and questions important to your legal survival.  If you’ve read my “Florida Firearms” book, you’ll probably do really well on most of them.  If not — well . . . you’ll probably figure out you really need to buy the book.    Let’s see what you really know (or don’t).

NEW FORMAT:   I’m going to shoot (ha ha) for a new question every week with the answer on a link after you take the poll. However, since you probably can think of questions better than I can (and I can come up with the answers) — I invite each of you to submit a question on the contact form on the bottom of this page.  Please make it a question of “general” interest.  Keep it  brief.  If it goes over three sentences — it’s probably too long.  Likewise,  no more than two questions to a submission.  Then we’ll see how this idea works out.


Poll Answer:  click here for the link to Poll #3 – Can an 1851 Navy Revolver be openly carried in Florida?


Poll Answer:  click here for the link to Poll #2 – NFA registration issue


9th edition Florida gun law book photo
Florida Firearms gun law book, 9th edition.