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Florida Firearms 9th edition book cover

This page contains the latest free update for the book “Florida Firearms – Law, Use & Ownership”, and any still available update for past editions. Please note that while updates contain major or important changes in the law, the book is updated in print once yearly, the print version incorporates any prior updates into print, and the printed version will also cover and explain the free updates in much greater detail, as well as covering newer subjects not contained in the updates. Likewise, if you have a prior edition of the book with a printing date more than twelve months old (you can find that on the “Disclaimer” page), your book is out of date. That’s because the law, as well as the case law that interprets it, is constantly changing – and as a practical matter if you want to be current — your book has a life of only two years, even with updates. After that, newer printings of the book will have dramatic changes and coverage that prior versions do not have.

For your information, as of the posting of this page, the most current printing of the book is the June 2017 printing of the 9th edition. The earlier version of the 9th edition printed in December 2016 is still very much current with the latest update, and only a very few changes were made. All versions of the 8th edition – are outdated, especially as to issues of self defense, and should not be relied on. However, the last update for the 8th edition is available using this link, plus, you must also refer to 9th edition updates.

You may download the latest update in pdf by clicking the link here, or just copy it:

Update December 2017 – 9th edition

December 2017 jpg book update
December 2017 book update in jpg for 9th edition Florida Firearms gun law book.