Contacting Us & Asking Questions


1. Legal opinions:

Mr. Gutmacher is often consulted for legal and other opinions and advice regarding various matters both to the industry, media, and civilian market. However, while he can render an opinion on the law, since he is retired from the practice of law, The Florida Bar rules state he may not render a legal opinion as a practicing “attorney”, but can only give advice or answers as a “consultant”. Therefore, there is no attorney/client privilege unless Mr. Gutmacher was first retained to give his opinion thru another attorney. Likewise, responses to your questions may be published in his blog or other publications, although your identity would be kept confidential to the extent allowed by law. Please use the contact form below for any questions. Mr. Gutmacher will not answer any legal questions by telephone, whatsoever. However, if you are from media seeking comment, or an instructor, gun range, or gun shop seeking to inquire about book sales, please feel free to phone [407-279-1029], although email contact is our preferred method, and often the quickest.

2. Waiver of Liability:

While Mr. Gutmacher frequently answers questions regarding legal issues dealing with firearms, weapons, or self defense, usually without charge, and likewise often appears thru media to give opinion or commentary, ALL such opinions,presentations, and commentary are given subject to the following “WAIVER OF LIABILITY” which you hereby agree to by seeking any advice or comment.

WAIVER OF LIABILITY: In asking any question or seeking any service, advice, appearance, or consultation, you agree that you, and whoever you may be seeking the input for, waive any actual or possible liability against Mr. Gutmacher, and/or Jon H. Gutmacher, P.A., and/or their successors, on behalf of yourself heirs, successors, assigns, dependents, administrators, executors, and all other persons, corporations, or entities, for any claims or causes of action for damages or any other kind of liability whatsoever that arises directly or indirectly from any services, advice, appearances, presentations, or opinions rendered, including liability for gross as well as simple negligence, and in so doing agree to indemnify both Jon H. Gutmacher and Jon H. Gutmacher, P.A., or any of their successors for any damages, court costs, expenses, attorney fees, or incidental expenses, in any law suit, mediation, arbitration, cause of action in law or equity, or any other action where Jon H. Gutmacher, or Jon H. Gutmacher, P.A. is named as a party. Venue for any cause of action whatsoever shall be in the most current county of residence of Mr. Gutmacher, currently Brevard County, Florida. Should any part of this waiver be deemed unlawful or unenforceable, the remainder shall remain in full force and effect. Furthermore, if you are seeking any services, comment, advice, opinions, appearances, or any other type of input on behalf of another person, firm, corporation, agency or an employer, you represent you have full authority to do so.

We assume you have read the book prior to asking a question as the book will answer almost everything you can think of. Where a question is directly answered in the book, we will often refer you to the page where the answer is located, rather than give a new response. However, Mr. Gutmacher encourages questions about the law, and is normally happy to respond to them without charge.