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From time to time I’ve been known to create a video that explains Florida law. I’m not always dressed like you’d expect for an attorney – but I can guarantee the information will be important. The following is a video I did for YouTube a couple of years ago on “securely encased” transportation of a firearm or other weapon in a private vehicle or private conveyance in Florida. The explanation is still good, although I caution there is some controversy regarding whether a firearm or other weapon can be openly displayed even where securely encased, and therefore I do not recommend open display while transporting a firearm in a vehicle, even if secured in a snapped holster.

Explanation of “securely encased” under Florida law:

I also get a real kick out of some of the pro-gun posters I’ve seen on the web. So, from time to time I’ll put one of my favorites up on this site for your enjoyment. Here’s a favorite:

Pro-gun poster:

Teach your daughters to shoot poster
Poster – Teach Your Daughters to Shoot.

Important Training Video:

Every month or so I intend to post what I consider an important video for training. I’ve chosen this first video to show how quickly a shooting can occur. As any police officer or firearms instructor knows — a gun can be drawn in a matter of fractions of a second. There are multiple studies on that, and one of the most dangerous scenarios is when a suspect places a hand in his or her pocket, as a weapon can be brought out and fired before there is time to react to it — unless an officer already has his weapon out, and in a ready position. Most folks think shootings develop over minutes — but the truth is that they often develop and finalize in fractions of a second to three seconds. The YouTube video you’re about to watch clearly demonstrates that — and should serve as a lesson for everyone so that the life of the officer lost may save the life of another.

In less than a second — Stephon Aiken drew a small loaded firearm hidden in his pants, and shot one officer in the head killing him, and shot another who was saved by his vest. The timing in the video is so fast it will likely astound you unless you are already familiar with similar videos or the case studies.

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